Tamiro 1 is sailing to the Caribbean - 2020

Tamiro goes to the Caribbean - we started our trip in Kos, Greece. Tamiro 1 is now underway to the Caribbeans. The first leg took us from Kos to Gibraltar via Athens, Sicily and Sardegna. The crossing of the Atlantic will start in Tenerife. The overall distance from Tenerife to the Caribbean is about 3000 nautical miles. The distance From Sardinia to Cape Verde is 2080 NM. Then once in Cabo verde, we will prepare for the big Atlantic crossing, making sure we have sufficient nutritious foods on board, (we are growing our own seeds.) and that all navigation equipments are up to par and 100% functioning . Safety first!Nothing will be left to chance. Our final destination are the Caribbeans which is more than 3000NM away… Lets lift the sails … and keep smiling for this incredible adventure… You are more than welcome to join and follow our journey to the Caribbeans.

Our route

Our journey is split into seven sections:

Leg Distance   Period
1 : Kos (GR) - Athens (GR)   200nm   01.11 - 04.11.2020
2 : Athens (GR) - Sardegna (IT)   750nm   04.11 - 10.12.2020
3 : Sardegna - Ibiza, ES357nm 12.11 - 14.11.2020
4 : Ibiza, ES - Gibratar363nm 14.11 - 18.11.2020
5 : Gibratar - Tenerife South751nm 20.11 - 20.12.2020
6 : Tenerife South - St. Lucia2612nm 20.11 - 20.12.2020

Our current position (via Satelite)


Latest news from board

2020-12-24 10:12 - TAMIRO 1:  Short update from Marvin, Dustin, Niels and Anny - they are doing very well, except that their Satellite phone is playing crazy. This is why they dont blog nor their posistion is reported correctly. They are about 350nm away from St. Lucia and they will arrive in less than 48 hours ... And very importand .. they catched a Marlin (not Marvin), which they are going to enjoy for their Christmas dinner ...

2020-12-15 11:12 - TAMIRO 1:  Final in The trade Wind’s

2020-12-14 11:12 - TAMIRO 1:  The wind is coming.... The day starts whith very calm wind. So we drove under engine and worked through our daily sports program. So from time to time it was getting more cloudy and also windy. We pulled our Parasail up and were glad about 9 Nuts of Sailing. Another Tuna was biting and we pulled him out. But we observed that the tuna was still to young and also a yellow stripped tuna. So we let him go again. The forecast shows us that we getting more wind. Finally we can turn out our engines. Let's go fast to the Caribbean.

2020-12-13 09:12 - TAMIRO 1:  Tamiro One is Sailing In the Atlantic ocean.! good winds, good weather, and the first Tuna is also on Board. The hole Crew is happy After a Big Tuna Steak Dinner and ready for a long night of sailing. Ahoi Matrosen

2020-11-22 08:11 - TAMIRO 1:  Eine Streife Brise am Morgen vertriebt Kummer und sorgen

2020-11-22 08:11 - TAMIRO 1:  No wind, no fish, but 50+ dolphins since two days. Very amazing experience. We have the same group of dolphins around us over 48 hours know. Picture are coming as soon we are closer to land. Tomorrow morning the wind will start....... Chreese from Tamiro One

2020-11-13 05:11 - TAMIRO 1:  On or way to Ibiza - all the best wishes from Tamiro 1
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2020-11-13 05:11 - TAMIRO 1

On or way to Ibiza - all the best wishes from Tamiro 1

2020-11-12 05:11 - TAMIRO 1:  Sunny, Warm, but no wind. Cruising along, towards Ibiza. Cheese for Tamiro One

2020-11-11 05:11 - TAMIRO 1:  The Atlantic Tamiro crew is leaving Sardinia


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