Atlantic Crossing 2019

The adventure has begun. On October 16, 2019, S/C TAMIRO II left Kos for the Caribbean. Two months later, or about December 16, 2019 our boat should arrive in Guadeloupe. From Tenerife we ​​sail together with three other boats via the Cape Verde in the Caribbean winter. On this website you can find out about our current position and the news from the Atlantic. We would be glad if you would also communicate with us. Send us a message using the text box below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Our route

Our Atlantic Crossing is split into five sections:

Leg Distance   Period
1 : Kos (Greece) - Palma (Mallorca)   1270nm   16.10 - 31.10.2019
2 : Palma de Mallorca - Gibraltar434nm 27.10 - 09.11.2019
3 : Gibraltar - Tenerife South750nm 27.10 - 09.11.2019
4 : Tenerife South - Sao Vincente813nm 25.11 - 30.11.2019
5 : Sao Vincente - Guadeloupe2099nm 02.12 - 13.12.2019

Our current position (via Satelite)


Latest news from board

2019-12-30 07:12 - TAMIRO II:  Martinique! We are sailing from Doninica at a speed of >9kt ... and just reached the most southern Island of the French West Indies ...

2019-12-31 23:59 - TAMIRO II:  The Tamriro Crew wishes you all a successful 2020. All the best in the new year! With this message, we are closing the Atlantic Crossing News, and stop tracking the vessels.

2019-12-30 03:12 - TAMIRO II:  We are heading south to explore the Island of Martinique. First, we intended to return to Dominica, but we skipped this idea. In Dominica we are only allowed to dive with a local guy ...

2019-12-29 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  We catched a fishing net, which damaged our rudder. The waters around Guadeloupe are full with fishing nets, and they are very hard to see. We applied a temporary fix with a two component epoxy ... Not funny!

2019-12-28 07:12 - TAMIRO II:  Under perfect conditions we are sailing back to Guadeloupe / Les Saintes. 15kt TWS, and we are speeding close to 10kt. Wonderful!

2019-12-26 01:12 - TAMIRO II:  We left (temporarily) Guadeloupe and are now heading to Domenica, a small island 30nm south. The island is famous for its nature.

2019-12-20 04:12 - TAMIRO II:  After enjoying a few days in Les Saintes, we will sail to the north of Guadalupe.

2019-12-17 03:12 - TAMIRO II:  Tamiro II Crew ist enjoying a BBQ party with Jaded Gate crew, enjoying the fish from all the catches from our trip .

2019-12-15 12:12 - TAMIRO II:  After enjoying a day on shore, we are heading to a remote Island in the south for diving.

2019-12-13 23:59 - TAMIRO II:  In a dark night we cruise along the southern coast of Guadeloupe. 15nm to go ... the Cavs is on ice!

2019-12-14 03:12 - TAMIRO II:  Anchor is down! Mission completed! Yeeehhhhh!!!

2019-12-14 02:12 - TAMIRO II:  While playing WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS from Queen, we are crossing the finishing line in Guadeloupe on Dec. 14 2019 at 01:54UTC. Now looking for a safe anchoring place and t hen lets party. Thanks for all your support in writing and following us! We did it!

2019-12-13 05:12 - TAMIRO II:  Land !!!! We see land !!! 50 miles to go :)

2019-12-13 10:12 - TAMIRO II:  100 miles to go ... we are coming :)

2019-12-13 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Good morning everyone: We still have 120nm to go, and the final turns out to be tricky. The wind turns its direction and force often, so that we lost some speed. However, it is 2.30am local time, and we should still make it TODAY to Guadeloupe!

2019-12-12 07:12 - TAMIRO II:  90% of the trip from Cabo Verde to Guadeloupe is completed! We have less than 200nn to go ... ETA is scheduled for Friday later evening local time. We might consider to stop for one night at island La Desirade, before continuing to the main island.

2019-12-12 11:12 - TAMIRO II:  Morning update ... we started fishing again and catched a 1.10m Dorade. Todays menu: Lunch - Sashimi, Dinner - Dorade filet.

2019-12-12 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Kalimera - today, we are the last full day on the sea, since we expect to arrive on Friday in Guadeloupe. Sad day or good day? We are all happy to see and be on land soon, but the time we spent better the large Atlantic waves was just unique!

2019-12-11 09:12 - TAMIRO II:  Dinner menu for tonight: Red Thai Curry :)

2019-12-11 04:12 - TAMIRO II:  All Greek: We sail under Greek flag, and enjoyed a perfectly prepared Greek salad from our half-greek chef Levin. Sailing conditions are just perfect today, approx. 55 hours to go :)

2019-12-11 11:12 - TAMIRO II:  BTW, we heard it is snowing in Switzerland - cannot confirm for here, but water temperature is now at 28 degrees :)

2019-12-11 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Bonjour. The wind was picking up last night, and we sailed most of the night (again) with the Genua sail only. The full-moon made the night to a day, which helped us to see the 3m waves coming from Stern and let us surfing down the waves - just beautiful

2019-12-10 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Good news: 3/4 of leg 4 (Cabo Verde to Guadeloupe) completed - 525nm to go ... we are still cruising at 7kt, with good winds from AWA 180. But no fishes so far today ...

2019-12-10 01:12 - TAMIRO II:  Nice sailing day ... with just the Genoa sail, we cruise at 7kt and >20kt wind, 2-3m waves in a sunny day towards Guadeloupe. Crew is sleeping or reading, and enjoying the day. Hopefully we will also catch a fish >50cm today :)

2019-12-10 05:12 - TAMIRO II:  GrŁezi, we are getting closer ... we just passed the 600nm to go marker under almost daylight conditions, thanks to the (full)moon. Yesterday, we catched two fishes, but we both released then because they were too small (50 cm). Yes, we get selective :).

2019-12-09 08:12 - TAMIRO II:  Todays menu on 5* cruising catamaran Tamiro II: Mare & Monti - Wahoo filet steaks on garlic/honey sauce, and mushroom risotto. Wine list: Inci Priorat 2016

2019-12-09 02:12 - TAMIRO II:  2/3 completed ... Our chart plotter reports 699nm to go. We still fight with low wind (10 to 14kt) which keeps our overall speed slow. There should hopefully be more wind tomorrow.

2019-12-09 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Buones Dias, we are still sailing in a dark night, and enjoying the moon-set. We dont have much wind (10kt) and this is why we were sailing slow the past 8 hours. The Tamiro II crew wishes you all a good start into the new week.

2019-12-08 09:12 - TAMIRO II:  After we cut our catch of the day into eatable pieces, we vacumed and frozen most of it for dinners later this week. But today, we enjoyed the freshest Wahoo Sashimi, together with a good glad of Spanish wine ... nothing to complain about :) Questions?

2019-12-08 04:12 - TAMIRO II:  The crew is smiling ... we just catched a 1.4 meter long Wahuu fish ... Risotto is now the starter and no longer the main course of tonights dinner :)

2019-12-08 12:12 - TAMIRO II:  New sail setup at SC Tamiro II: We are sailing AWA 180 with the Genoa and Code 0 out at the same time(Butterfly). No main sail, true wind at 15kt.

2019-12-08 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  good morning, we sailed with the Genoa sail, and some push from the current over night. The loss of the Wingaker sails still hurts ... but we keep smiling :)

2019-12-07 07:12 - TAMIRO II:  Sad news from Tamiro II: We lost our Wingaker. It broke in 1000 parts in a wind gust. We now expect to arrive one day later ... f...k!

2019-12-07 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Queen departed also from Cabo Verde towards the Caribbean. Safe travels.

2019-12-07 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Anyone interested to go for a swim? The water temperature of the Atlantic Ocean is 27.4 degrees 16.51N 44.05W), and we are still 1000 miles away from Guadeloupe :)

2019-12-07 05:12 - TAMIRO II:  Today, we are facing some weather challenges ... every hour a small cloud is above us, creating wind gusts of 25 to 30 knots, followed by a short but heavy rainfall. Welcome to the Caribbean :)

2019-12-07 12:12 - TAMIRO II:  Half Time! We just passed the 1050nm marker at 12.18UTC. Guadeloupe, we are coming :)

2019-12-07 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Buenos Dias, we wish you all a nice weekend from the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. We just passed the 1000nm marker, and at approx. 12UTC (or after 144 hours pure sailing) we will have travelled half of the distance between Cabo Verde and Gudeloupe. One b

2019-12-06 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  Urs, Levin and the Tamiro II crew wishes Lara and Livia a happy 13th birthday.

2019-12-06 05:12 - TAMIRO II:  The sun is finally back, and we are riding and surfing 3m waves at 18kt wind and >8kt speed. Surfing down wave speed record today: 16.2kt ... @Hans K. you would love it!

2019-12-06 12:12 - TAMIRO II:  Tamiro II sailed for 120 hours since we left Mindelo/Cabo Verde. 889nm we sailed so far, at an average speed of 7.4kt. The direct route measures 868nm, and we sailed with 7.23kt relative speed. Over five days, we travelled a detour of only 21nm or 2.4% of

2019-12-06 06:12 - TAMIRO II:  6am UTC update from the bridge. No longer HOME ALONE. We are catching up with the slower boats of the Atlantic Race (ARC). 200 boats left Las Palmas on 24.11, sailing to St. Lucia. Two days ago we had a boat from Sweden next to us for one day, now two oth

2019-12-05 01:12 - TAMIRO II:  1/3 of the crossing completed in 97:30 hours. We just passed the 700nm marker since Cabo Verde/Mindelo. 1400nm to go!

2019-12-05 07:12 - TAMIRO II:  From the Tamiro Bakery: Available in one hour in the saloon: fresh Baguette and Bacon Bread. Skipper baking, crew sleeping :)

2019-12-04 12:12 - TAMIRO II:  We are now on route for exactly 72 hours, and reached finally the Passat wind and the gulf stream. Over the past 24 hours, we sailed an average speed over ground of 8kt, the previous periods 7.2kt and 6.5kt. Another milestone: We completed 1/4 of the dist

2019-12-04 04:12 - TAMIRO II:  Kalimera, the night is dark and still on out here in the Atlantic Ocean. We are sailing with 20kt of wind at an average speed of >8kt over the past 12 hours. Our current position is approx. 1600nm west of Guadeloupe. The Passat wind is still blowing a lit

2019-12-03 05:12 - TAMIRO II:  Short update from board. Since 9am UTC we are sailing our Wingaker, and get a speed of around 8kt. Not bad :). Our fishing statistics does not sound so great: 5 boys have catched our hook, but four were able to escape in the last seconds. Fishing under sa

2019-12-03 08:12 - TAMIRO II:  Bonjour ... the sun is rising just now, and we are sailing with 20-25kt true wind speed towards west. The Tamiro Bakery (Atlantic Division) just opened ... fresh backed Dinkel bred, Sunday bread and a Pizza bread will make the crew happy.

2019-12-02 09:12 - TAMIRO II:  Chocolate Bay also left Mindelo, Cabo Verde and heads towards Guadeloupe. On Ramiro, we celebrated Adriens 63th birthday ... good night while cruising at almost 8kt speed :)

2019-12-02 01:12 - TAMIRO II:  We had to solve a technical issue this morning. A block broke and damaged the halyard for our Wingaker and Code 0. We had no spare rope on board in the required length (50m). After a while, we decided to replace it with the reff 3 rope ... problem solved,